• Bar/lounge for lunch and dinner: Golf attire as defined in the Golf Rules is appropriate at any time with the exception of some special club events such as dinner dances, etc. 

  • Lunch: Golf attire as defined in the Golf Rules is appropriate at any time. 

  • Dinner: Golf attire as defined in the Golf Rules is appropriate at any time except that shorts will only be allowed in the bar/ lounge for dinner. Shorts will also be permitted for dinner on Friday nights in the Murphy Mills Room when there is twilight golf. Additionally, on Saturday nights jackets are required for gentlemen in the Murphy Mills Room for dinner. Other requirements may apply to special club events.

  • Men’s collarless dress shirts with jackets are permitted but no t-shirts or blue denim jeans are permitted for men or women. No Cargo Shorts or Pants are permitted at any time. 
  • The Club will be responsible for repair or replacement of member property damaged while in the care, custody, and control of the Club. However, the Club will not be responsible for member property lost, missing or stolen.

  • No Member or guest shall have any right or action against the Club or any of its Officers, Directors or Members to recover losses or damage for injuries personal or otherwise to the person or property of such Member or to the servant or servants of such Member due to negligence of any of the Club's Officers, Directors or employees.

  • Acceptance or continuance of membership by any Member shall so far as permitted by law be a waiver and surrender by such Member of any such right or action. 
 Overnight parking of vehicles in the Club parking lots is allowed only between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and only with the prior approval of the Club manager. 
 Cell phone users must set their ringers in the off, mute or vibrate position when in the dining room or bar/lounge area and the golf course or practice area. Cell phone use is not permitted in the dinning room, bar/lounge area or entry foyer. Members are responsible for assuring their guests compliance with the Club's position on cell phone use.